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I had a excellent run as well as excellent breakfast! Let’s hope the rest of the day continues this way!!

I woke up as well as saw 1 mile repeats on the plan, however I still don’t even feel extremely strong doing 800s (half mile) so I chose to do one much more session of those.
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1 mile w/u, 6 800s, 1 mile c/d – typical overall 8:01

My very first 2 averaged 7:50, however the last 4 all averaged 7:35

I’m pleased with this run since I started to talk myself down to 4 800s best away,  however ended up doing them all

Then, I had the very best BREAKFAST! I heated up 1/2c pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice, added pineapple chobani, chia seeds as well as like crunch Granola in Carrot Cake.

This granola ROCKS.

I wasn’t sure exactly how the pineapple would work with the pumpkin, however it was perfect.

Added bonus: all of Nature’s paths products are organic as well as non-GMO (genetically customized organisms).

Right now the supermarket is full of foods that have been genetically modified, however we don’t understand it. 80% of the packaged foods in the us have GMOs, however they don’t have to be labeled!

Foods like corn, canola as well as cotton as well as soy are genetically customized to withstand herbicide or with pesticides developed into them. In theory it’s excellent for creating large amounts of food as well as making sure the world doesn’t starve, however they haven’t been proven safe.

And you’re eating it. Your bit brother, kids, infant cousin, mom, finest friend, canine – they’re eating it too.

We have a best to understand if we are eating genetically customized food, right?

California best To understand is grassroots campaign trying to get all gen. mod foods labeled. even if you don’t online in CA the hope is that when it passes right here it will spread throughout the us – so everyone’s support is important!

Monsanto as well as other business are costs millions trying to block this initiative. If you want to stick it to the guy understand what you’re eating please spread the word!

If you online in California: indication the petition, volunteer to gather signatures, donate money. You can discover information on the effort here. I signed the petition as well as the natural products expo, however am not sure where you can discover it to sign?! (working on this.)

If you online on Earth, however not CA: inspect out the NON-GMO Project, donate to the CA effort or ask your business to embrace the cause.

Question: What’s your preferred granola flavor?

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