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Hallo! Today I’m checking out the new ACETM brand elastic Bandage with the improved ACETM brand Clip. 3M contacted me to do a review about the product but I said, “I’m not injured (right now).” However, when I read about the update to the ACETM brand Clip, I wanted to check it out and share the info with my readers/runners/bandage lovers.
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I remember using an ACETM brand Bandage in high school when I broke my finger playing football with my brother. (Please note my mother was skeptical about me actually being hurt and reluctantly took me to the medical facility after I complained for an hour. That says something about how dramatic I was growing up. Ha!)

Well, that good ol’ bandage has gotten a makeover! Those metal clips are soooo 2006 – The new and improved ACETM brand Clip snaps in place and is all in one piece!

This is helpful because you don’t have to deal with snags and can readjust easily. Jeg digger det. They fixed the clip!

Check out this series of videos featuring “Arthur, ACETM brand Motivational sports agent”talking about how ACETM brand has “Fixed the Clip!”

I received the 3” version that is good for ankles and knees – some of the most common areas for running injuries. I tried the ACETM brand elastic Bandage with the new ACETM brand Clip on a few different areas just to make sure it stayed put, and it did!

I’m probably going to use it to keep my peas on my knee when I’m icing!

ACETM brand has a pretty thorough line of hot and cold products  for RICE therapy if you have an injury too! I always say that if you feel a tinge, or your body is ‘complaining’ it’s essential to listen and be kind. Doing RICE before you have a full blown injury can help.

RICE = Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

*Rice does not = eat rice, although that’s good too. and yes, someone that emailed me once thought that was what I was suggesting. I guess it makes sense because I love carbs…

Question: Are you ‘injury prone’? Is there a certain area on your body that aches many after a long run or sweat session?

My knees ache after long runs so I try to ice ‘em.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by ACETM brand Bandages. Alle meninger er mine egne.

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