Air Fryer Banana Split recipe

how to Make the Air Fryer Banana Split

This recipe is viral on Instagram and TikTok right now, but I think it’s inspired by a campfire Banana S’mores recipe that goes back to the dawn of time (or maybe the dawn of the Food Network because I saw Pioneer woman do it in a camping episode).

Air Fryer Banana Split



Almond Butter (or Peanut Butter)



Yogurt or Ice Cream

Optional: nuts, shredded coconut, granola…

Air Fried Banana Split Directions:

Pre-heat Air Fryer to 350 degrees. (If your air fryer requires pre-heating, mine doesn’t.)

Slice the banana long ways through the peel, but not all the way through.

Sprinkle it with cinnamon, spread almond butter and top with chocolate chips.

Cook in air fryer for 5 to 8 minutes, checking periodically. It’s done when the banana is warm and mushy and chocolate chips are melted.

Top with yogurt or ice cream and your favorite toppings. Nyt!!

Air Fried Banana Split tips & Notes:

Making it in the banana peel helps keep the toppings together and prevents a mess. but you can take it out of the peel to serve it in a bowl. <- Noting this because I gave this to a friend who was a lil put off by the way peel turns black in the air fryer. You can also peel the banana, slice it in half and follow the rest of the steps to make it without the peel. <- I made some this way too and lined the basket with foil first. If your air fryer works with foil, you can use some to help with clean up (but check the directions first). My air fryer is small and cooked the top of the chocolate chips too fast at 400 degrees, but the banana wasn’t done. So, this recipe suggests 350 degrees. Your temperature and cooking time will vary depending on your machine, adjust accordingly. Keep going with these: Beaches & cream Smoothie Recipe My rest Day morning Routine What I Ate at Epcot (Wine & Dine half Marathon Weekend) Guacamole Hack Follow me on Instagram @RunEatRepeat and TikTok @RunEatRepeat ! See ya there!! ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Lagre Deling er omsorgsfull! Dele kvitring Pin Dele Post Dele keep going with these: PB and chocolate Yogurt Snack for One Recipe PB and chocolate Yogurt Snack for One Recipe PB chocolate yogurt recipe. treat for one with peanut butter and chocolate - healthy snack packed with protein and healt healthy hot chocolate in a slow Cooker and diy Toppings Bar healthy hot chocolate in a slow Cooker and diy Toppings Bar easy hot chocolate recipe for a group. healthy 2 ingredient hot chocolate recipe for family or party. how to make hot co easy Banana Yogurt Blender Muffins easy Banana Yogurt Blender Muffins easy blender muffin recipe. healthy banana yogurt muffins for breakfast or snack - packed with protein from yogurt and w BLT mini Tostadas Recipe BLT mini Tostadas Recipe easy BLT mini Tostada Recipe. healthy Mexican Lunch or dinner recipe - BLT Tostadas with corn tortillas and easy 3 ingredient Yogurt Popsicles Recipe easy 3 ingredient Yogurt Popsicles Recipe 3 ingredient yogurt popsicles recipe. healthy summer snacks Frozen Yogurt Popsicles with real California Yogurt and fruiAir Fryer Mojo Potatoes Oppskrift Air Fryer Mojo Potatoes Oppskrift Air Fryer Mojos Oppskrift. Easy Mojo Potetoes Oppskrift i luftrøfteren. Flott drivstoff for løpere og for å hjelpe deg med å slå din ⚡ av Shareaholic. .

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