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My lovely spouse in the Pysch Ward: A Memoir – book Review
My lovely spouse in the Pysch Ward : A Memoir
by mark Lukach

Audio book evaluation of the very best selling memoir released 2017.

Is it a great listen?
I’m sharing a quick evaluation of the book offered on Audible.

From Amazon:

A heart-wrenching yet hopeful memoir of a young marriage that is redefined by mental illness as well as affirms the power of love.

Mark as well as Giulia’s life together began as a fairy-tale romance. They fell in like at eighteen, got married at twenty-four, as well as started their dream life in San Francisco soon after. however when Giulia was twenty-seven, she experienced a terrifying as well as unforeseen psychotic break that landed her in the psych ward for almost a month. someday she was vibrant as well as well adjusted; the next, she was delusional as well as suicidal, persuaded that her liked ones were not safe.

What book or podcast are you listening to now??

What should I listen to next?!

Links to the book as well as other evaluations are on

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Hallo! Hvordan går det? I am the worst since I’ve been procrastinating deadlines all week so now I have some stuff to do over the weekend. Tatt på fersken.

I should have been a feline so all I had to concern about in life was catching mice as well as sleeping 23 hours a day.

But in happy news, I didn’t have to make anything for lunch since I am sampling a meal shipment service this week! I’m a bit anxious about it since I see myself eating the provided meals as well as my usual food – I much better refrain from doing that!

Totally just bought this since I keep seeing the commercials for them. Eh. avoid it as well as buy some Quest bars.

This week I’m working with Silk! I’ve been a fan of Silk Almond Milk for many years now. I utilized to drink soy milk all the time up until I discovered out I have a slight intolerance to soy – that’s strange since I think about myself a tolerant person.

Skjønner? skjønner??


Uansett. Silk keeps coming out with new as well as much better milk options so I’m providing their Almond + Coconut blend a whirl. Whether it’s almond milk or soy or coconut – right here are my preferred swaps…

Top 5 methods to utilize Almond Milk (or your fave milk alternative)

1. In cereal. Hallo. This is one of my preferred snacks, breakfasts, others.

2. Coffee. I utilize it everyday in iced coffee. The sweetness of Almond Coconut blend makes my iced coffee a treat! I utilize strong brewed coffee, pour it over ice, add almond milk as well as stevia.

3. In smoothies – particularly ones with protein powder. A great deal of protein powders can be grainy when mixed with water. I prefer to mix AC blend in protein shakes as well as it’s a great deal creamier.

This is my Dark chocolate Cherry Smoothie

4. In baked goods. I bake with protein powder a great deal as well as well as that needs a great deal of liquid in the batter since powder has a tendency to be extremely dry.

(Pre-workout Apple Bars)

5. To dunk cookies! The ultimate dessert – milk as well as cookies. indeed please.

Check out the Silk Facebook page for a coupon!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me in behalf of Silk. The opinions as well as text are all mine.

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